• Cost: $150+ GST
  • Time needed: 1.5 hrs
  • Location: My studio or off site (by arrangement)

This the starting block for most clients. I use functional diagnostic testing to assess your movement capacity, you move and I observe! This is a fun session, where you will learn about your body, what it can do well and where it might need some work.

Just bring yourself! This is a physical WOF so you will be moving about, so wear some comfortable clothes, gym or exercise gear are perfect. If’s it sunny we might head outside, but otherwise we’ll be in my studio.

Standard Movement Session

  • Cost: $100 + GST
  • Time needed: 1 hr
  • Location: My studio or off site

These are building blocks of what I do. These individually tailored sessions will move towards your goal. They will make you faster, quicker, stronger! Every session will be different, and will build on the last.

These session will not only improve your physical capacity, but I also aim to explain why I am doing what I do. I believe that understanding why is as important as doing. So come prepared to work both mentally an physically -but it will be fun I promise!

Online Movement Session

  • Cost: $100 + GST
  • Time needed: 1 hr
  • Location: Anywhere with a connection

Yes really! I have clients from all over the world, my methods of teaching and working allow me to successfully treat clients over the web. My longest standing client is 12,000 miles away! Hi Emma! I work with clients from UK, South Africa, Australia, and the USA. I work using web cams, either using Skype or Facetime. 

I find online sessions useful with clients that are on my coaching program as it allows us to connect no matter where there are. But it works for all. No fancy equipment, just a computer or phone with camera and little bit of space.