I've spent 20 years studying movement. I'm a UK Qualified Physio, and have worked at the highest clinical levels of Physiotherapy both within the NHS and privately. But movement didn't come naturally to me.

As a young girl I wasn’t a runner. I knew I was hyper mobile in all my joints, meaning I had no power for sprinting, and no postural strength for longer distance. I was a slow learner according to my mum with difficulty crawling and hand coordination.

As a young girl had flat feet, banana bendy legs and hyperextending elbows among other things, not exactly a great physical start in life.

Despite this I loved being active, but cautious of rough and tumble play and over time I gained strength around my joints with cycling and non contact school team sports. With determination I practiced exercise enough to be picked for the netball and hockey team because of my general fitness, I was still useless at shooting goals.

I realised that the fitter I was the better my body functioned. My joints were less achy and my circulation improved lessening the severity of Raynaud's and I wasn’t kept awake at night with restless and tingling legs (common problems for those with hyper mobility syndrome)  

As my interest in physical movement grew it was an obvious choice for me to study Physiotherapy further igniting my desire to share this passion and knowledge with others. It was at university that I realised quite what a dysfunctional body I had been blessed with.  I am at the extreme end of flexibility on the stiff-flexible scale with a rheumatological diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos syndrome which includes  a few other problems too.

This answered a lot of questions about why I struggled with physical activities and suffering the symptoms I had but was also a major blow to my confidence and motivation for life. Fortunately I turned this challenge into an opportunity. I was not willing to end up in a chronic pain, dependent, depressed limited life so I set about working on myself as I learned how to help others with Physiotherapy. 

It was at university that I started running as a cheap way to exercise and relieve the stress of academic work. 

"As my fitness and ability grew I became curious about distance"

During my studies I found a sense of freedom that I have only felt when running in the natural world. As my fitness and ability grew I became curious about distance.  Going further with each run was both a challenge to succeed and opportunity to discover more about myself. So my passion for endurance sport was born.

I entered events as a way of running in remote places over distances that needed the support of aid stations and transport. With unexpected success from early races I began to push myself, questioning what could my body do and how far could it go. 

Through ultra distance trail running I have learned the disciplines of efficiency, self-management and determination. That listening to self being kind to the the human body empowers it to perform far beyond expectations when then challenged. 

My running informed my professional study as I have loved exploring the capacity of the human body, and how crucial optimal physical movement is to life. I believe life can only be fully experienced and enjoyed when movement is unrestricted in our bodies. From every cell to the whole organism that we call human, ability to move is crucial for life. I am passionate about helping people to experience life in the fullest way possible, to have the best mental, emotional and energetic health which are all dependent on physical movement within and of ourselves.

In my professional journey I gained experience in the different areas of medicine, specialising in musculoskeletal health, completed a post gradate masters, and progressed from positions as a senior Physiotherapist to Orthopaedic Specialist in a Consultant role. 

Working within the UK Health Service I have gained the experience and confidence to recognise and accurately diagnose physical problems. I have worked with and learned from a variety of very specialised and experienced orthopaedic surgeons, sports physicians and general practitioners. In private practice I have worked with young offenders, climbers, children and athletes.

Along the way I have continued to deepen and broaden my knowledge, attending numerous postgraduate medical courses gaining competence for requesting investigations and diagnostic tests, doing cortisone injections and referring on for orthopaedic surgery. I also continue to invested in learning from the best therapists and trainers in the world performing and teaching movement skills and practicing therapeutic techniques.

I have spent many years as like other practitioners trawling through research papers, listening to other ‘specialists of their field’ and I have certificates of attendance and qualifications reflecting my depth and breadth of medical, therapeutic and academic knowledge. I am grateful for all of this, which is the foundation from which I work. But I have recognised this knowledge is not sufficient to be the best therapist and coach for individuals to help with their physical limitations.

Having moved to New Zealand in 2013 I stepped out further from pure physiotherapy to build a brand and be the professional that puts movement at the centre of health, wellbeing and quality of life. In a short time I have become well known for giving hope to individuals committing to work with me who thought there was no answer to their pain and injuries as well as providing simple answers that transform everyday lives.

I feel privileged to spend my time teaching and facilitating movement, enabling individuals to know how their body works and apply it to their desired activity. Because movement has always been a conscious thing for me it is a joy to share it with others to dance, cycle, ski, climb, swim and play no matter their age.

At a Glance

  • Movement Specialist
  • UK Physiotherapist
  • Fascial Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Foundation Training Instructor
  • Running Coach
  • Sponsored Athlete
  • Sports Technique Advisor