Jo's Story

From time obsessed and injury plagued to form focused and enjoying the journey.

I met Claire at a training camp prior to the 2015 Tarawera 50k. This training weekend started with an inspirational address from Malcolm Law followed by a brief look at how we were holding our bodies and how we were breathing (or not!) facilitated by Claire.

To be honest I thought all this “soft” breathing and postural stuff was just for people who weren’t able to toughen up and just get out there and train hard! My initial thoughts on this chick with amazing posture and crazy breathing techniques was “ not for me”.  Fast forward to later in the evening and I spy Claire with a glass of wine in her hand...maybe this chic is OK???

The following day we ran out on some amazing trails but I was unable to enjoy them fully as I was dealing with hip pain, nothing unusual as injuries seemed to be plaguing me more and more.

The following day I was so broken that I was unable to run with the group. I took myself out for a very short walk (whilst having my own little pity party) and on my way back to my car guess who came running down the trail….Claire. Wow I so want to run like that!!!

Tarawera 50 arrives and I can only grovel my way through the 42K, completed but body was not in good shape.

Some months later I see that Claire is offering a coaching package for 2016 Tarawera 50. I decided to give it a go. Best thing I have ever done!!!

Time for our first session; turns out that I really don’t know how to breath!!

Claire’s approach to training has required a real change in mindset for me. We have worked on how my body moves rather than how far or how fast. Claire never asked how many k’s I had run or how fast I had pounded the pavement. Our conversations where always about how I had enjoyed my run (or not) and how my body was feeling. This was strange at first but eventually it felt liberating to be released from my obsession with time and distance.

Claire’s holistic, caring approach is amazing. Slowly I began to listen to my body and the k’s took care of themselves.

Unfortunately, a random “frozen shoulder” issue thwarted our plans a little but I managed to stand on the start line of Tarawera 50 in 2016.  My race was ticking along beautifully until I had a nasty fall at about 24k. I still managed to complete in a respectable time and even gave some “Claire advice” to a young fella who was bent over struggling his way up the last climb!  Something about being upright and breathing :)

I can’t thank Claire enough and would highly recommend  her to anyone wanting a fresh, professional, knowledgeable and totally caring approach to their training.