WayWiser Ambassador Workshop

WayWiser Movement Workshop

Hello, Glad you made it! WayWiser and I are putting on a workshop just for you - well you and all the other ambassadors! We thought it would be a great opportunity for you to meet your fellow ambassadors and a chance to explore your movement potential and work on those limitations so you can become a movement machine!

The work shop will be happening at my home and studio set in three acres of land on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges. The workshop will be focused on helping you to  learn about your own movement, the goods the bads and what could be better.  I'm a physio by training, with 20 years of clinical experience - you can find out more about me here

I'll provide some food and drink to keep you from getting hangry (we might even talk a little about nutrition to stop that happening). The sessions will be a mixture of theory and practical so come dressed prepared to move and be moved!

Let me know if you're coming

When: Saturday 29th Oct 2016

Where: Oratia, West Auckland