Alex's story

For anyone out there who has looked/searched for “fixes” in your life.

I have done a lot of homework over the last forty years, looking for help with this “ “something just isn’t right” feeling.

More recently I am finding out that most of what needs fixing is in my court and under my control – I am finally realising after all this work in the field of health and well being that I am capable of helping myself with a bit of special help.

I am lucky enough to have found a very special lady who has been massaging and working with me for some time.  We got to a point where she suggested we needed a bit of extra help.  This extra help being a physio she knew – I was not convinced I needed a physio but I have confidence in her so I made an appointment with Claire.  Claire is not what I expected.

Claire is a very clever intuitive lady who has helped me facilitate my own body improvement which so obviously – now I can say this – effect my head space.

I always knew there was a mind body connection but now I am able to work with this.

Claire has enabled me to really connect and I can see improvements in my attitude toward life in general and myself daily.

What Claire has helped me achieve also means that other work I have done, like Heidies massage work and my gym work is even more effective.

Lesson 1:

An easy set of exercises – I am now in the habit of getting up 10 minutes earlier and starting my day with these.  Learning to actually breathe for the benefit of body and mind.

Lesson 2:

Advances on Lesson 1 – and still getting up 10 minutes earlier.  Benefits improving with practice.

Lesson 3:

Continuing with 1 & 2 with refinements – 10 minutes earlier becoming a habit now.

Lesson 4: 

Looking forward to Sunday: walking with freedom and breath.

What has helped me accept and be comfortable with this work comes from Claire's ability to see in my body what my life was – body posture, breathing, weak areas in my body all showing up the stress I have lived with for years

Thank you Claire