Veronika's Tarawera 50km Story

If you are not sure whether you should see Claire, here my thoughts on why I like working with her, hopefully it will help you make a decision - (spolier alert - you should really see her!)

1. She takes her time, listens, has a plan! She adapts our work to my mostly busy lifestyle and to things that are difficult to change like work stress. She gives me exercises that I can integrate into daily life / do during work, that are small enough to be achievable, and still effective.

2. She is really good!!!

3. She addresses issues with a lot of thought. So, it’s not a quick fix of a calf or hip pain, her approach involves the whole body and may take time to fix everything involved that led to that stiff calf. That’s in order to prevent it in the future and to improve general posture. Some improvements may be slow but they do happen!

4. A session with Claire is the most pleasant thing, not a single time I walked out of her studio and didn’t feel way, way better than when I walked in. It’s an hour of full attention and advice, and doing good things for the body. She so positive and optimistic. I walk out straighter, more energetic, happier, awake and at the same time calm and relaxed. I come home and really want to do the exercises!  She always gives me a boost of confidence.

5. I just finished with an 8-month package that included sessions in the studio, out in the park and on the trail, as well as two race entries, support on race day, gear discounts and free goodies. It was excellent!!  Really good preparation for the big race. Claire had a plan that included everything I needed. I sometimes wondered why this exercise now and why are we not out doing running drills… it was for a reason and it worked!

6. Little things, like Claire’s recommendation at the beginning of winter to take zinc and selenium drops! I’ve not had a cold all winter!! I handled the combination of work stress and exhaustion after long weekend runs so much better than previously. Makes such a difference to feel ok on Monday versus half sick all week.