Max's Story

When Max was 8 years old I took him for his first trail run over Wenderholm and he loved it.  “Hurry up mum” as he took off ahead of me …. “you are the best mum ever” when we got to the top of the hill “can we come out in the bush more often?” … it was so much fun to be out in the bush together.  

Max had always been an active child and this was a great way for us to have some fun together but we only went a few times.  Less than 6 months later he complained a lot of “growing pains”, was twisting his ankles, and pulling his calves, and became more and more reluctant to get out and about.  “My legs are sore” … “my ankles hurt” were things that I heard more and more even just going to the supermarket for half an hour became tiring and painful. He didn't want to walk or ride his bike to school anymore.

I took Max to see Claire so that she could check out what was going wrong.  I was astounded at how little strength he had in his legs as they were collapsing to the floor when trying to do a simple lunge.  All of his joints were over extending and seemed to be bending in the wrong direction.  Although Max had been very fit and healthy he has been growing so quickly he was starting to look like a new born gangly giraffe. Claire showed us a series of simple exercises to do at home in front of the tv and down at the beach and park.  Its amazing to see how quickly his young body adapts.  

After a couple of sessions with Claire and some commitment to doing the exercises at home Max's legs are straightening out and he has quickly developed abs, calves, quads and hamstrings. We compete doing lunges and abs and I know that its all helping to stabilise his body (and its good for mum too!).  Now we make time so that he can climb trees and climb at the playground.

Going for a walk down the beach or through the local park always ends up being a run and he is enjoying being active again.  I’m so glad that I took my son to see Claire who has looked at his whole body and movements and given simple advice not just to fix the immediate aches and pains and injuries, but recommended small exercises which are helping his body and alignment to develop correctly as he enters pubescence.