Anneta's Story -

I have been working with Claire for almost a year now. I went to see her on 31st December 15. I was referred to Claire for a persistent  ITB problem. Claire immediately starting working on my alignment, posture, breathing and my mental wellbeing.

Being an impatient runner I wondered what this had to do with my knee, and why wasn’t she massaging and taping my leg as had been done by others in the past. With Claire’s gentle nature and persistence she reinforced the old saying of “one step back, two steps forward”. In February 2016 (less than two months later) I ran and completed the Tarawera 85km Ultramarathon. I have since run 5 marathons, 2 half marathons and another Ultramarathon (with yet another Ultramarathon pending in two weeks) all with no injuries.

We have done studio sessions which include yoga, breathing and stretching. We have done practical sessions covering running uphill, downhill, stairs, arm drive, cadence, speed work pretty much all aspects of being a runner. She also makes herself available for skype, phone, txt and messenger sessions.

I believe I am running stronger and better than I ever have and am more confident about my running whilst also being in a better place mentally.

Thanks Claire for your help and guidance with my running.  Since working with you I have completed my 5th marathon, the Tarawera Marathon, this year. I think I’m running better than I ever have and feel stronger and more confident about taking on the marathon and ultramarathon challenge. I have had no injuries in the almost 12 months we have been working together which is fantastic – thank you!